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Monday, March 8, 2010

Corner Of My Home - Girl's Bathroom

Do you see a ghost? 
Vivian does  - and she has been complaining to me that there is a ghost in her bathroom. My response was "there's not a ghost in your bathroom." She kept complaining about the ghost and my response stayed the same. She was clearly getting more and more upset. I was starting to feel weary, frustrated and a little spooked out. Vivian was so serious about a ghost being in the bathroom. "Mommy I see a ghost, Mommy in there."  Hand washing, teeth brushing and our newest endeavor of potty-training was becoming a bit of a problem. Until one day last week, I finally asked her to show me the ghost and she did...

To my relief - I saw the ghost and now I understood clearly. Do you see it now? The eyes? I wish I had seen it sooner. I'll  laugh at this later - right now I just have some Mama guilt. I removed this plastic stool - one of the few remianing plastic items in our home. I liked this stool because it was taller than the wooden stools that I owned and was long in length so that both girls could  fit on it. Now that Vivian is turning 2 and is off the charts in height and weight and Ella doesn't need a stool any longer I placed our wooden stool there. Perfect really - bare-feet weather is coming and I much rather Vivy stand on wood than plastic so hooray for Vivian's amazing imagination.  

"It is not always right to send someone to the chemist for some medicine when he's ill. Instead we should organize our lives in a way that renders us less susceptible to illness, or alleviates its impact. ~ Rudolf Steiner
Since I have put the wooden stool in the bathroom Vivian made her first BM in the potty! She freely goes into the bathroom and sits on her potty reading books, washes her hands ALL the time,  brushes her teeth and has discovered the basket of  barrettes. 

In this picture there is not one of Vivian's barrettes left - she gathered them all and insisted on having every single one in her hair. 

I couldn't have made this up if I had tried. Vivian has a naturally nervous disposition - I am learning each and every day how to make her feel safe and comfort her when she feels unsettled. She scares easily and is very sensitive to noise. Vivian asks many times a day - "What's that" and the question  is always a noise that she is referring too. Some of the questions are accompanied with her jumping out of her skin and grabbing a hold of me or my husband. Now that she has begun to identify with a noise she complains  "That noise too loud." I can't tell the trash truck to be quiet - so how do I go about teaching her tolerance? I am reading this book for some insight. Meanwhile, she feels better and I feel better.  I need to listen and take seriously what the little ones share with me about their feelings and  I need to validate those feelings whether or not I understand them. Telling the little ones "It's not scary" - when they tell me they are scared creates misunderstanding and  confusion for all of us. I will for now on accept what they say as truth and help them through their truth. If we don't validate our childrens feelings - they will just as well stop telling us.

Amazing what some corners reveal!


  1. Truly I love reading of your daily life with your precious girls. As I looked at your pictures the potty chair jumped right up at me...My husband used to make those back when Traci worked with you...I had forgotten..I wonder if I can get him back into the workshop before Caitlyn is ready to go potty.

  2. Such a wonderful post to read Nicole, your bathroom looks beautiful and now that the 'ghost' is gone, I am sure your little one will feel very comfortable there. It is so true what you said about validating children's feelings, it will keep the lines of communication open in years to come:)
    Have a great day,

  3. I loved this post, I have it bookmarked. I loved what you said about listening to your children. I think as adults we can become so far removed from how the world is seen through a child's eye. I hope I remember to listen to my children as you are.

  4. That potty is stunning!! Is there such a thing as potty jealousy? Your girls sound so sweet, and she is right, that stool does look like a ghost!

  5. Well....i laughed out loud when i saw the stool....how funny is that. Bless her. Never seen a potty like your's before, how cute is that!

  6. Your daughter is blessed to have an attentive mama. It truly is amazing how different the world looks from their perspective. All too often we, as adults, forget that.

    The barrette hairdo is too cute...

  7. Thank you for all your encouragement and kind words.

    I had no idea the potty would get attention - it is cute. I found it on eBay.

    Blessed be.


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