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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Watercolor Tuesday - Valentines


Instead of waking up to paintbrushes and watercolor after nap we set off to an eye doctors appointment. Watercolor came into our life a different way today. After dinner, we used watercolored paper that we had already painted and saved up for this type of a creative expression, if you will.  We traced out little hearts with a cookie cutter, cut them out and poked out the center and created a -"belly button heart" - with the balloon. This caused many giggles and snorts as belly buttons and other bodily functions are a huge part of my four year old's humor. We inscribed the heart with "Filled With love" and signed our names. A simple, silly, inexpensive handmade Valentine. 

Balloons are so simple and can muster up hours of creative games and imaginary play. They fall under the category "anything can be anything." Balloons make children happy. I bought a bag of 25 for $1.99. They are made out of  latex - an all natural, biodegradable product - no sugar added. Mother Earth will be happy and  I could not be happier that I spent a little less than .10 cents for each "Belly Button Heart"  Valentine. It is worth every chuckle and I bet there wont be another one like it - pure joy for me.

I received an early Valentines gift from my loving husband Geir. He bought me these awesome earrings in honor of my RedBeet Mama blog. He has been my number one supporter. Thanks Geir. I love you.

Now I am going to spend some time on my mat. Namaste.


  1. Beautiful!

    By the way, Lilah's mommy told me she knew you... :) What a small (blog) world.


  2. I was so surprised when Laura contacted me through my blog. I am a big fan of yours - you are very popular in the blog world. I plan on purchasing your March plan and the entire next year. I am looking forward to using it with my girls.



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