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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Watercolor Tuesday - Not exactly

It was a very watery day and not enough color! We set off on our normal routine of going to the library - it was wet and gray and cold. The sides of the roads were littered with tree branches - lots of broken tree branches. The last snow storm did some major damage - making outside look so beaten, battered and torn. I felt full of grief as everything outside seemed to need some tender loving care. It is ugly outside and it was making me feel ugly on the inside. When we reached the library the rain was coming down pretty heavy and we couldn't find a parking spot due to the mounds of snow everywhere. I made a quick decision - drop off the books and head to the mall.   The little ones were elated - it is a huge treat to go to the mall as it is a rare occurrence in our family. Throwing coins into the water fountain is the main event. Auntie Anne's pretzels and a cup of tea  makes me happy. I couldn't think of anything else to do and all I really wanted to do was avoid the loud upset of not taking them in to the library. The whining and crying combined with the weather would have sent me over the edge. Just as I believe nature has a huge influence on positively affecting our emotional health - in this instance it was doing just the opposite. The girls and I need to put our feet into green grass, sip lemonade and soak in the bright, yellow sunshine - not a nature deficit by all means - we are just simply in the doldrums - waiting out the last bit of winter.

 The girls needed new shoes and socks - I was just hoping I could wait until closer to Spring but I have a thing for purple shoes and could not resist!!! They were on sale for $7.99 - I bought both girls a pair. 

 Retail therapy isn't my thing  - thrifting is - but some things I don't thrift like socks - check out these cuties. 

And well we need something to go with those purple shoes...


and something to help brighten our day...


I enjoy embracing each season - but it is always the weary end that makes me yearn for the next. Perhaps I am being too impatient - truth is I just needed a little assurance that Spring is on it's way - change of clothes always does it for me. 

May King Winter change his mind and be easy on the snow tomorrow.


  1. There is nothing as wonderful as a great day at the shops discovering beautiful treasures! You have bought lovely items Nicole:) Wishing you warmer weather:)

  2. You summed exactly what I have been feeling lately. Couldn't believe it when I heard there was more snow coming this way! I am in the mood for some, as you say, "thrifting therapy" for all the whining and crying I have endured being inside these last couple of days.

  3. Linda - I need to visit your blog - you have so many beautiful warm sunny photos and they always make me feel so good. Thanks for your warm wishes.

    Tara - can't wait to go to the flea markets!!! Hah...Thrifting therapy I am so inspired to use that in a post! Bring the girls over swimming Friday night.

  4. Sounds like you made the right choice! What fun you had and what healing effects color has! Sometime when I'm needing a break from playgroup activities I take my little guy to whole foods. He loves walking down the rows and I treat myself to almond coffee and something yummy. Always helps! Thanks for visitng my blog. I'll check on the email link... Sorry you had trouble with it!


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