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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Watercolor Tuesday - Fairy House


We started painting early this morning while watching more snow fall from the sky - slowing making the dirty snow look new again. Last week, Ella came home with a fairy house that she made out of wood at school. Ella said that she needed to make it "prettier" - so we did. She painted it with watercolors. Painting with soft watercolor preserves the integrity of the wood - it doesn't hide the wood  - it still looks and feels like wood - keeping the nature aspect intact. She then added acorn tops and seashells and completed it with a unicorn tower. Honestly, I have never seen Ella so protective and drawn in over anything else she plays with - it is so very true that when children are involved in the creation process it truly becomes their own with great feelings attached to it. So much love went into this fairy house.

While Ella painted her fairy house Vivian painted with watercolor on dry paper - and continued to paint on this dry paper, paper after paper. She was totally engrossed in the process simply just by doing - and I came up with an idea to use these many painted papers: A Prayer Flag - wishing their cousin renewed health. He has been very much in our thoughts. 

I love watercolor Tuesday.  Tuesday is such a rhythmically perfect day for me. I love the routine of this day - no classes, no time line, no play-dates - just us enjoying ourselves - our family - knowing what comes next. 

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  1. I had the children paint some wooden frames once and they turned out much nicer than I was expecting. It's like you described where the wood is still obviously wood with a hint of color from underneath. Sending positive thoughts to your family member that you mentioned regarding the prayer flag.


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