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Friday, February 12, 2010

Missing the Goodwill

Just about my entire life - I have lived in the Philadelphia area. Then in 2008, when Vivian was 8 months old, Geir's company moved to Connecticut and our family followed. We took our chances and put our house on the market - it sold within three days. This move was meant to be. I am guessing it sold fast was because of the beautiful yard with the pretty fall leaves  - you think? Four weeks later we set off to Connecticut. I had only been there twice before so I was going rather blindly - an adventure it was but I was mainly looking forward to a bigger house on a lake. 

Soon though, the novelty wore off and by the third month I was homesick. I missed my family - my Dad wasn't a phone call away to rescue us when Geir and I ran out of gas. I missed my dear neighbor - my baby buddy. We did crazy fun things like bundle our girls up in 13 degree weather and walk for miles before the sun came up or drank tea during the witching hours waiting for our husbands to come home and cook dinner.I missed familiarity. I missed taking back roads and short cuts. I missed hoagie rolls.  I missed our playground.  I missed going to yoga with my Mom. I missed having my own backyard.

 Because of all this "missing" - life turned a new direction - thanks to Realtor.com - another favorite nap-time indulgence of mine. I was homeward bound and I found the next greatest home for our family. It met all of Geir's wishes and it was ten minutes from our old neighborhood. I was elated. It took six months until the official move - so we decided to make the best of it and have a good time on Candlewood Lake - and we did. We made meaningful friends,  became close with our trusted neighbors and had a wonderful swap with them watching each others children. We found a favorite new pizza place, and shopped here - dancing every time we hit the frozen food section. I traded in my beloved danishes for apple cider donuts. I found a Kundalini yoga class and went with a new treasured friend. I may have even met Eileen if I stayed long enough. I did meet Laura from the Holistic Mom's Network who was every bit sweet as was her daughter.  I befriended a GPS and drove down new country roads. I hosted dinners. I discovered the Goodwill Thrift Store and bought my entire summer wardrobe there (some wonderful woman donated a a huge closet of JJill clothes in my size.) I was feeling the love in Connecticut.  I really miss that place.


Is it so profound that we don't know how good we have it until it is gone? Life took me in these directions for a reason. In the moments I started living in my newest home - I found myself to be the happiest Nicole that I have ever been. While I  make more memories with my family I now focus on savoring each day - on the same day - not tomorrow when it is gone or just a memory to be missed. It is one my best worthwhile efforts to date. 


  1. Nice insight into your soul....I totally agree...but it's nice to go home.

  2. Thank you Arlene - if my two girls turn out like your two girls - I would be a very happy Mama.

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