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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inner Goodess - Freshen Up

We are planning a trip to Norway and I needed to renew my passport. It has been ten years. I remember hating the photo in my passport but when I look at it now I think "oh my what a beautiful photo!" A few days ago I gathered up the little ones and we went to get our photos taken at our local pharmacy. It wasn't much fun - although Ella thought it was.

This would be the first time I took notice of my own ten year progression and ouch - it hurt.  My self-esteem was a bit bruised by this experience. But I keep telling myself  "that everyone looked better ten years ago." In ten years from now I may think "damn I looked good back then." But I don't think so. I needed to do something to freshen up myself - so I went and got a haircut. Something magical happens when we spend a little time to pamper ourselves - it is not about vanity but about our inner beauty reflecting our outer beauty.

Here is a little tip from my inner goddess: Before you go to the salon spiff yourself up a bit -  brush your teeth, put a little lipstick on and powder your nose. You will be sitting in front of a mirror long enough to start picking on yourself so do yourself a favor and look your best. You will be much happier with yourself when your hair is finished. You will feel good on the inside and out. It took almost 38 years to figure this out. I thought about it only because it was Goddess Wednesday where I put forth the effort to have compassion for myself, to be kind to myself, to be there for myself. I need me to be happy and to feel refreshed - and today I do thanks to me and this place. Just a shame that I didn't think about this before I went to take my passport photo. Sometimes we forget ourselves and with that there is a price to pay. 

Instead of feeling bruised about my progression over the years  I decided I would embrace my evolving self. This is me in the last five short years.


Our outward appearances is not the only thing that evolves. I look at these photos and beyond the physical progression- and I remember each year with such joy and sweetness. I am a Mom - all that I ever wanted to be. I have had little time to look in the mirror. I need to just trust myself, pamper myself, be kind to myself and only then will I age gracefully. Our inner Goddess is full of good advice and wisdom - if we just take the time to listen. 



  1. Your haircut (and you!) looks great! It's really not fair that we're not allowed to smile in passport photos anymore. When I had some photos taken this summer for Korea documents, Michael said I looked like a thug. (He was right, which I find hilarious.)

    And AMEN to the sprucing up for a haircut! Life got better when I learned that one.

  2. Love this post!
    Hi! It's my first time here. :)
    I love your gorgeous new do and your eyes are so bright and pretty!
    A fine beginning for a trip!

  3. I think you are as lovely now as you were five years ago! ;)


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