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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inner Goddess - Dark & Cold

Ten minutes before the little ones bedtime - our power went out -leaving the girls feeling once again unsafe in their tiny little world. Ella couldn't understand why just across the way there were lights as you see in the photo above.  So after comforting them and playing with flashlights for about thirty minutes we tuck them in - me included. I slept in the the trundle bed just beneath Ella. Both girls were excited about this especially since I brought my lyre. They settled in with the soft music and soon we were all asleep.

Things that I would have done if I knew there was going to be a fourteen hour power outage:
  • charged my phone
  • ate dinner
  • stored hot chamomile tea in a thermos
  • bought a book light
  • had a supply of fresh lemon danish
  • sent the girls to my Mom's house
A few hours later I woke up with a stiff neck and sharp pains from a possible cracked tooth. The photo below best describes how I felt - cold, pale, tired and in a lot of pain. 

But somehow still happy.  I took some ibuprofen and a squirt of this and I felt better.The quietness was freeing and the extra rest was nice. I have been working on creating one of these and started on the invitations in this dark and cold night - you see there is a light that never goes out....

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  1. That photo of the snow is amazing, so magical and beautiful, I hope your tooth feels better, I am off to the dentist today with an abcess... Take care.


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