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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inner Goddess - 30 days

I celebrate myself, and sing myself
I loaf and invite my soul...
~Walt Whitman

I gave myself a gift of 30 days to write. I hadn't written a sentence in a very long time - let alone a paragraph. Soon after I relinquished my job in publishing my pen to paper was reduced to jotting down things, filling out forms and typing up quick emails. As 2009 was winding down I was feeling an urge to write. I wanted to play with words again - I had no master plan, just a camera, a life that I adore and some thoughts and I set off to create this blog...thirty days ago. I enjoy the blog process immensely. Pushing the PUBLISH button excites me. Capturing the photos is  so satisfying. Playing with words and creating while still focusing on my family is simply rewarding. These last thirty days were full of self-propelled happiness.

The one things that stands out the most of what I have learned in these last thirty days is that I am really not tired at nine o'clock. Before I started blogging I headed to bed soon after the little ones. I now sit for about an hour, check out the pictures that I captured, choose my favorite and write a post.  It feels so good to play again with words - express my thoughts  and not have to get a final approval before it goes to print. I do miss my wonderful and talented assistant Traci and lunch out with the girls - but I much prefer my home life...I love my little life with my girls and husband. 

I feel comfort in knowing that I am able to make me happy and do something entirely for myself. I listened to my Inner Goddess and I responded pushing all doubts aside. Certainly not an effortless task but with good self-humor I persevered and this is what resulted after 30 days of writing. 
The photos in this post are of journals that I decoupaged in my early twenties almost 20 years ago. I kept many journals and I haven't read one yet. Tonight to celebrate me and my thirty days I am going to read these journals and probably giggle, wince and  even blush a few times. 




  1. congratulations on your first full month of blogging. It is wonderfully written and you have some great ideas that I am going to try with my girls too. I am thoroughly enjoying reading it. Keep it up.

  2. It is wonderful that you are honouring your inner goddess Nicole:) Beautiful photos of your decoupaged journals. Lovely blog posting.


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