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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Imbolc on Watercolor Tuesday


The girls and I celebrated Imbolc ~ a day of new beginnings, visibly longer days and the sacredness of fire. We said goodbye to our wintry nature table and created a fresh new fertile look using beeswax candles, a glass egg, fresh new tulips, baby breath, a carriage full of baby pine cones, amethysts, rose quartz, a rabbit, dried flowers from Vivian's 2009 collection and some "rattler pods" from our nature walk today. 

While the girls napped on this gray afternoon a little Imbolc fairy left two wooden star wands for the little ones to paint and decorate.We glued baby pine cones and acorns to the star - which represents the fertility that lies ahead. However I was careful not to get "poofed" by these wands - because I am not planning on adding a new child to our family. 
Vivian choose yellow.

 Ella choose pink. 

The fertility fairy wands are drying - we will share them when they are ready.  

I made up a little story for the girls to better understand the enjoyment of this special day. Here it goes...

'Winter is almost over and the days are becoming longer - we will soon enjoy new outdoor discoveries. Today Mother Earth wakes up from her long winter slumber. If you are really quiet you may be able to hear her yawn. Like you, she needs to wake up slowly and by March she will be wide awake for her greening season. She will decorate the trees with wonderful green leaves and cover the earth floor with beautiful Spring flowers. For tonight though, while you sleep the seeds and bulbs will slowly awaken in their dark, earthy beds and begin to grow. Birds will dream of new songs to sing, the bees will begin to hum, and when you awake in the morning you may find your shadow.' 

At bedtime we went to the window and took a deep breath of the crisp, cold air ~ we felt Winter's chill then snuggled up in our favorite reading corner and read this.  An absolutely lovely book that I highly recommend. 

It was such a delight to spend this day with my little ones. Ella was quiet all day waiting to hear Mother Earth's yawn - but she said Vivy was just too loud. I second that. They were so excited to paint something other than paper and Ella was very curious about how the Fairy flew with the wands in her hands. 

For me - there is nothing more rewarding that creating family traditions. I hope to see their shadows in the morning. 



  1. What beautiful tradition...so inspiring.

  2. I love your nature table and welcoming spring. Those star wands are fantastic; I know my boys would just love them.

  3. Thank you Mary Beth. I bought the star wands at AC Moore for a dollar each - we are having so much fun with them.

    We are having a big blizzard here in Pennsylvania - Spring seems so far away except on our Nature Table.

  4. http://circlesquared.blogspot.com/2008/02/if-candlemas-be-fair-and-bright.html
    I am getting more serious about celebrating Candlemas/Imbolc with women friends, and I'm enjoying learning about how others keep this feast day. This year about eight of us are making candles together and sharing a festive meal. Two years ago these friends gave me a Candlemas blessingway before my daughter was born.

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate Imbolc with your family. I love the story you shared about Mother Earth waking gently, slowly. Indeed, around here, in California, it seems she is wide awake again and already greening everything. Buds are getting fat, grass is growing, and bulbs are peeking up. We celebrated this year with a ceremony focusing on our hearth fire and family.


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