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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ice Cream Sunday

 We enjoyed some yummy lavender blueberry ice-cream popsicles tonight after dinner. It's the simple things in life that makes us happy and yet there are difficult things in life that makes us happy too...like getting a new camera. I am a little intimidated and so very excited. I love the 'click" sound it makes, the manual zoom, the different lenses and the gigantic flash.  I don't think I've ever read a manual for a camera before - but I plan on reading one tonight. Big YAWN - I really just rather play with it. I want to get this camera bag for it and a matching strap - "Birds of Norway" -  it has my name written all over it! It felt like Halloween today and I was dressed up as a photographer - I felt  pretty cool. 

Vivian felt pretty cool too with her new camera - she said she is going to skip the manual and just wing it.

Say ost! 
(That's cheese in Norwegian!)

Thanks to my wonderful Norwegian husband for a very cool birthday present - a very early present indeed. Jeg elsker deg OXOX. 

And Thanks to Linda who recommended a Canon.


  1. Congrats on your new camera! You take awesome pictures!! Joby got me a Canon last year for Christmas . I was hoping it would help me take better pictures but I still suck at photography ..., doesn't stop me from snapping away!

  2. how cute are they?!

  3. A new camera! Lucky You! Hope the girls enjoyed their ice cream, my girl would give up her right arm for ice cream most of the time I think


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