Waldorf In The Home

Saturday, February 6, 2010


The house was humming with sweet music today. Our routine was  out of the ordinary due to a terrific blizzard. We did manage to get outside for a little while - the wind was whipping so fast and strong  that it  stung their little faces and the snow was so high that it was hard for them to walk - King Winter was generous leaving us with over a foot of snow.

If I plan the day right and give the girls contrasting activities; loud - quiet, inside-outside, handwork - footwork, individual - together time - and let them be on thier own time - the day turns into a pretty melody with or without musical instruments. 

Ella received a much wanted ukulele for Christmas. Vivian received a glockenspiel, Dad received a new guitar and I received a beautiful lyre. Family music time was a joy until Vivy realized she wanted a "gu-tar" too. Relentless she was - music time started to sound like a sad country music song. To bring back the sounds that make my heart sing we bought Vivian her own a ukulele. We are back to making some good old Americana music. Dad plays acoustic guitar at family music time - but just bought this electric one for alone time. Good for him for finally buying something for himself -see how happy he is.

Our favorite songs to play and sing are: "This Land is Your Land," "I've Been Working on The Railroad" and this song  which comes from our all-time favorite album. We listen to it everyday in the car and sing until our hearts content. Another one of our favorite albums is by Carole King - "Really Rosie" the songs are from Maurice Sendak's picture books which I just love.
Music is so good for the soul. Children (and adults too)  can express feelings that they otherwise could not express verbally - and it allows  them celebrate  how they are feeling inside. Add instruments and a little dancing and you have what we call a darn good time!

How do you bring music into your family's life?


  1. lovely post of your family activities:)

    music definitely plays a part in our daily activities. it always has since having little ones in our home. we have a basket of instruments accessible. it is usually my little girl and myself singing throughout the day, with dad joining in at times. i love when i hear him in the bathroom sing raffi's song "brush your teeth" it makes my heart smile every time :)

  2. Now I am singing it Christine...LOL.

    Thank you.

  3. Morgan and Elliott also got ukuleles for Christmas. Ian got a mandolin and is learning how to play. He often sits around noodling on it and Morgan and Elliott will want to come over and strum. He sets them on his lap and they hold the pick and strum (up seems much easier than down). They occasionally play with their "hitars" (they call the ukulele a guitar) and Elliott especially has been spending lots of time singing somewhat tuneless songs as he plays. I have an old beat up guitar that they also like to play (more than the ukuleles) and the song of choice is often Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

  4. So you all have a darn good time too! It is so joyful to listen and watch them - always makes my cheeks hurt from smiling.
    We'll have to get together and jam.


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