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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fairy Tea


A delicious concoction  that will flutter the wings of your little fairy.  Fairy Tea is a staple drink in our home and I just love that I get the little ones to drink different colored juices; pear, grape, apricot, blueberry, apple, white grape, carrot, cherry  and coconut water - just because it is called Fairy Tea. Straight juice is usually too tart, too sweet or not sweet enough - combining the juices together with chamomile tea infused with lavender and a little honey  - makes a magical beverage that is soothing and refreshing.  If you have little boys...Dragon Tea is a very charming alternative to Fairy Tea.

Our Treasured Blue Fairy Tea Recipe:

6 cups of just boiled water
4 -6 tea bags of chamomile tea 
2-3 cups of 100% juice any flavor
3 cups of organic apple juice
3 scoops of ice

Add the teabags and honey to the just boiled water
Cover and let steep for about 2 hours - maybe through nap-time or until the next morning. 
Add ice, apple juice and blueberry juice
Stir, serve and enjoy

I love the Traditional Medicinal teas. If you haven't tried them I highly recommend you do.  However, any tea will do just so long as it is decaffeinated. Steeping the tea is the most important step in reaping the benefits of the herbal teas. Also, I am ok about giving my children honey - however if you want to skip the honey try agave nectar - it is a wonderful all natural sweetener - I use it when making fresh lemonade.

Warm tea is also nice right before bedtime - for fairies and their parents. Just a tiny tea cup will do - I like to give the girls tea on the nights we skip baths. A nice calming transition in our bedtime routine. For tonight though I am having both - a hot cup of tea and a salted bath.

Sweet dreams.


  1. Did you reverse your pictures? I think you want to confuse me...I scrolled to the bottom to see what todays picture was...
    A beautiful fairy child.

  2. Lovely post Nicole. This looks delicious!

  3. very sweet. i like this idea. my daughter isn't so much into fairy imagination (yet?) but one of her little friends is and they play together often. i am the "baking mamma" and i can just picture some fairy tea with our next baking session with both girls!

  4. My fairy loving girl just might swoon when I tell her about this. My only fear is she'll just want to pour it all out for the fairies to drink. :-)


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