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Monday, February 22, 2010

Corner of my Home - Pew

My father gave me this church pew a few years back. As a child I celebrated many birthdays sitting upon it, ate many meals, solved math problems, copied spelling words over and over and over. I love this pew - I hated homework. I am not sure how old this pew is but my father brought it to my childhood home after he salvaged it from a old Philadelphia church that was to be demolished. I wonder how many prayers have been prayed upon it and how many weddings and funerals it has witnessed. In my childhood home it sat with our dinning room table - just about all the people I love in this world has sat upon it. It is a keeper - a hand me downer - a keep it in the family forever piece.
This pew has only brought me joy - I caught my little ones reading on it the other day (old camera shots) and I just had to capture the moment. This pew serves us for many purposes - a reading bench, a place to put guests coats on, a quiet spot to watch the fishes, a place for an audience to sit and watch little ones put on a show, a place to display Geir's baby blanket...

The pew has good energy to it. It beholds the room it sits in - our den, Geir's office. It invites you to sit and stay awhile (but not too long or your back will start hurting.) It is a rest stop. A place to play a solitary tune or feed the fishes, watch a show about a cowgirl-butterfly who likes shoes. This pew holds precious childhood memories for both my husband and I and now it soaks up two new childhoods. 
(What a difference the new camera makes.)


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  1. Hi Thanks you for your lovely comments you left on my blog.

    I love your Pew, what a treasure to have in your home.:)


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