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Thursday, February 25, 2010

30 Days of Beauty

Inspired by Erin from Bluebirdbaby I am capturing beauty in my everyday surroundings through photography. My collection can found on the side bar. I haven't learned a new hobby in a long time. Photography is all new to me and I am feeling so preoccupied with it - I just love it. This afternoon when I was coloring with the little ones  I felt a tug to go play with my new camera. I resisted - they need me to be fully present - enjoying their creations - and feeling able to talk freely to me without any distractions. They needed to just be and not be self conscious that I was taking their picture. I get this - so they got a break from my new hobby and I got the benefits from this decision - quality time spent with them. There is a time and place for everything - I just wish there was more time. Managing both desires to learn a new hobby and be present for my children has been challenging - how do you manage the two?


  1. I there~
    What a great blog~
    I love the name~

    I'm a earthy mama of 6 kiddos and homeschool the youngest three.
    Age 7,4,and 2yrs.

    My oldest 3 were once homeschooled and they are now 15,13,and 10.

    Come say hi if you'd like?
    I love to make new blog friends!

    I love your new hair cut!
    I have had my hair short for about 10yrs and finaly grew it out for the past the year.
    I'm 41 and my hair is getting gray in the front! I love your new hair color too. Yours looked like it started out simular to my hair color? Mine is a stawberry red...(and looks like dry straw!) I need to do something fun to my hair!

    What color did you color your hair?
    It looks terrific!


  2. Hi Georgiann, thanks for stopping by. Wow 6 kids! Congratulations.

    Funny you should comment on the color of my hair. When I went to get it cut the stylist recommended that I get it colored to cover all the gray. I declined - I am done with coloring my hair. (I think) I kind of like gray hair on a woman. When I did dye my hair (first two pics) I always went for the blond look. The dark color is my natural and since my husband is Norwegian - he thinks dark hair looks exotic!
    Send a link to your new hair do when you get it done! Good luck and don't forget to freshen up before you go!

    Blessed be,

  3. I don't think I do manage to balance anything. There is always so much to do. But while I also try to be present with my children, I do try to enjoy every moment. So that when I go to bed each night while my list of things to do isn't completed, I still loved my day.


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