Waldorf In The Home

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snaps of Happiness


Feels so good to get your haircut! 


  1. I love ya blogs, read them every day. This one of the girls in the mirror....fab!!
    Ya one fantastic woman and,mother!.
    When readin about ya evacuations i was totally with ya...can't be good 4 the girls! I was goin to suggest havin a bag handy but, ya beat me to it. Look 4ward to the next one. Chris

  2. Lovely pictures. I am amazed you can cut hair. My only attempt was disastrous ;o)

  3. I can only do bangs - just recently I learned to do them better.
    You are not supposed to wet the hair or cut straight across - that was my old way. I now cut dry and snip upwards. I think I cut Ella's a little too short this time - they'll look better in a few weeks.

    Thanks Imene.


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