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Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Small Change

About a month ago I bought a bunch of cloth napkins at my favorite thrift store. After my plastic purge it seemed like the next natural step to take - stop buying paper napkins. This would an easy change - no problem I'd just throw them in my nightly load of laundry of dish towels, bibs and place-mats and Mother Nature would smile down on us for our efforts.
Uh-uh  the size  of the these average sized napkins were just too big for the little ones to handle. They became everything except what they were suppose to be and the girls were getting in trouble. This did not make for a good meal. So there I was buying more paper napkins - the kind that claim they are green for the environment but yet are sold in plastic bags. This made me think some more - and that is when tea napkins came to mind! Perfect size for little hands and pretty - got to have pretty with little girls. Hankies would be good for little boys - newly bought of course.  So, after each meal I put them in a basket, if  they are not too soiled, to use again and place them in order so we know which  napkin belongs to each family member. Really this is just to satisfy Ella who does not want Vivy germs.   

This is our family's one small change for the month of January. New routines are never easy at first but once they become a habit these changes have a chance of becoming a habit for generations to come.  Please check out Hip Mountain Mama and join us in One Small Change.


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