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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life Happens

Together is a happy place to be. Too bad we were not together when the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate. Geir was at a meeting, Vivy was sound asleep, and I was reading a book to Ella. Words cannot describe how terrifying it is to save your children - alone. The piercing sound of the fire alarm causes such physical pain not just to my ears but to my entire body. I am worried about the possible damage it is causing the girls not just physically but also emotionally. In an instant panic, I am finding shoes, coats, lovies, purse, phone, keys all the while having two little freaked out girls attached to me. Of course if I smelled smoke the only two things I would have grabbed are  my girls. I can't fathom what the mothers in Haiti must have felt and still  feel - bless their aching hearts and the children they love and may peace soon re-enter into their lives.
My safety was just a phone call away to my Mom - who picked us up and brought me and my girls to the warmth of her home - snacks included.
This is our third evacuation since we moved here in late September. I feel terrorized by these evacuations - such a strong word but it is really an attack on our inner calmness and feelings of safety. It is traumatizing to have to save your children - it is traumatizing to my girls - even if it is just because a heater gave off smoke far off in the building somewhere. I am happy it was nothing more - but I am frazzled by this day and I am worried about the girls. The little ones needed a lot of reassurances and extra-loving tonight  -- and so do I.

Here is a picture of how Ella said she is feeling - noticed she choose the red crayon. I wish she needed to draw a picture of flowers instead - but I am positive she felt good to get this out.


  1. This must have been horrible, fire scares me most of all, because it never stops and is so very fast. Even thinking about a house fire makes me all shaky. how good that nothing happened & that your mum was there to pick you up. sending positive thoughts your way!

  2. Thank you - I feel those thoughts and I appreciate your kind words.


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