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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inner Goddess

Taking a day and devoting the time to myself when my children are asleep or savoring a lollipop while I browse through a much loved consignment shop feels nice -or better yet rosy  . I am realizing just how important this effort is and the feelings it conjures up. I feel this day approaching as I wondered for days - what is it that my inner Goddess needs?  Sometimes this question is difficult to answer and sometimes it is just plain obvious.  After admiring another woman's breasts  (she was wearing a sweater) I thought to myself - "My retired baby-bottle-boobs need to start looking like that!" I haven't bought a bra in four years. So  I did - a brand new bra. Good bye nursing bras - hello TITS!

I also needed a hint of Spring and I lucked out at my favorite woman's consignment shop.  I found two skirts that screams femininity and refreshment for only $8.00. The patterns are featured in the above photo. What do you think? I can't wait to wear them with these.

Celebrating our inner Goddess isn't about purchasing new things to add to  our wardrobe - it is about enhancing what we already have and adding a little whimsy. These small pleasures are what make me happy about being me - a woman. I am very happy with my domestic Goddess status- and today I am happy with my inner Goddess status too.

What does your inner Goddess need?


  1. i was just thinking this same thing the other day! i need new bras to bring my baby-feed-machines looking somewhat normal again and i want to wear more skirts this spring and summer. i need some more femininity in my life again.

  2. I just want to say to them - "Hello Tits - remember me, it's Nicole."

    I should have brought a red bra - if I would have thought of it. Maybe you will...

    I look forward to checking out your blog - thanks for visiting mine.



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