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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inner Goddess

I worked on my visual board while the little ones napped today -another one of my nap-time indulgences. I love cutting out the images, reading an overlooked article and arranging the board just so. I plan to hang this board, once finished, above my soaking tub. It will be a reminder to honor myself and the goddess within me. Motherhood is my life, I want it no other way, but is not my total being - I am starting to realize this now as my youngest is approaching her second birthday. A fog is lifting - maybe it is just the fact that I am getting more sleep. This year I plan to focus on my spirituality as a woman, in addition to being a mother, to pamper my soul and celebrate my inner goddess. Maybe even have her come out once in a while - and put a smile on my husband's face. How do you honor the goddess within you?


  1. I'm taking a class and I have to work on an inspiration board. I love the idea but don't know where to start. Thank you for the inspiration

  2. Oh - an inspiration board is an even better name for it! I love the magazine Body & Soul - also I use my favorite catalogs. Glue sticks work best - the kind that look almost like a deodorant stick. Please share photos when you are done.

    Thanks for stopping by - I was so excited that you did.

  3. I remember coming out of that fog. Mine happened a bit later when my son was 5 1/2 but it was wonderful. My tired body finally got the rest it needed. Your inspiration board is indeed inspiring. Mine has been neglected lately.


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