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Friday, January 29, 2010

Frugal Friday

How smart was I to make Friday a day about my thrifted finds! Easy to post and  fun and rewarding on my most exhaustive day of the week. I am happy the day is almost done  ~  I am even more happier that Geir is home. 

Here are my thrifted finds this week:

An awesome bookshelf for $12.00

  • A wooden marble run $2.00
  • Really cool baskets $1.00
  • Tea Napkins .25 cents each
  • Pink Cloth Napkins .50 cents each
  • A Valentine's Day Joke book .25 cents - a total hoot for Ella
  • Rabbit Hill & The Tough Winter by Robert Lawson .25 cents each
Now I am on the look out for marbles, two tiny white nightstands so the little ones can keep their treasures on and a small teak table for my meditation corner like this one but without the price tag. I keep a index card in my purse for my "look-out" stuff but the truth is I always find something that I wasn't looking for, like the bookshelf above - one of my favorite finds so far this year. How do you thrift - do you purposely go to thrift stores in search of an item or do you go to see what you might find?


    1. What lovely treasures you have found! I particularly like the book shelf:) When I go to thrift stores, I just go there and hope to find a treasure or two...

    2. I have to go regularly. Otherwise I get frustrated when I don't find what I need. Then I end up buying new.

    3. Wasn't that bookshelf a find... I actually saw it two days before I went back and bought it - could not stop thinking about it. I was so lucky that it was still there.

      I have to be careful not to add too much to my space - but this piece is helping me to save some space.

      Thanks for visiting.


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