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Monday, January 18, 2010

Corners of My Home

It was back in November when I started reading blogs. It quickly turned into a hobby - a nap time indulgence. A cup of hot Irish tea with milk and sugar, a quiet baby monitor buzz and I was happy to read one blog after another. One of my favorite spotlights of the bloggers I follow is their "Corners of My Home."Photographs of places that are loved, lived in and created for family inspire me and provoke feelings of appreciation of my own homemaking skills. I enjoy saying "I love you" through creating a warm, comfortable home for my family. It is my meditative work while the little ones rest in the afternoon and after I had my tea and fair share of reading blogs. I enjoy making our space in this world inviting - a space that says come cook a delicious meal - come let's play, discover and be happy and feel safe. Mondays are a perfect day to spotlight a corner of my home. It is the day that I try not to run any errands. I stay home doing wash, some baking, reorganizing and preparing for the week ahead. The girls enjoy the busyness of this day - they like to help and they get  to have uninterrupted play time - this is the day where I see their imaginations flow so freely. I enjoy the rhythm of Mondays.
Above is a photograph taken above my meditation corner. I had more photos to share but I discovered that this posting format wasn't allowing any more pictures. I had to chant a few OM's to get over that frustration - I have more to learn about posting. Time to go sit in my little corner and accept things as they are and not what they ought to be. Blessed be.

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