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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Amazing Plaything - The Waldorf Way

 Months ago a friend of mine set up a little sandbox table in her kitchen - and everyday when she starts dinner she lifts the lid to the sandbox. Instantly her little ones are engaged and she prepares dinner in peace and happiness. I liked this idea but I must confess - the thoughts of the gritty clean up deterred me from trying it. I need the magic that this activity provided - something calm for the little ones to do while I prepare dinner but also something that would keep me calm too. I don't mind messy activities but not this late in the day and not when I am making my own mess preparing dinner. Then today I had a light-bulb moment and this is what I came up with - rice. A very vacuum friendly medium and all natural. I picked up a huge bag at the store for a little over six bucks. I used only a quarter of the bag when I filled the box and the rest can be used for refills when spills occur. I included scoops, baby food jars, mini baskets and some wooden spoons. The rice feels so good running through my bare hands - I can't wait for Ella and Vivian to discover it  and who knows maybe my family will enjoy an amazing dinner tomorrow night. How do you keep your little ones engaged while preparing dinner?


  1. we had a rice box, full of little treasures to find (add a funnel, they loved it!) but now that George started eating hands full of uncooked rice it has been put aside for a while. yours looks very lovely, i hope they like it!

  2. the past, we filled our discovery box with all kinds of things, beans, pasta, cotton balls, beach rocks, leaves, twigs, marbles, shells. your girls are going to love it!

  3. Love these ideas - and I have all these items! The girls really enjoyed the rice box - differently. Vivian used it as confetti and Ella poured, stored, measured and served her dolls. Hopefully Vivy will catch on how to use the box like her sister but if not I don't mind vacuuming. I can't wait to introduce these new ideas to them.
    Thank you very much.
    PS - do you get a copy of this response by email?


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