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Monday, June 29, 2015

Seven Springs

and born on Pie day! 3.14

Vivian is our wonder woman and we love her so. She is so full of life and curiosities and she has a heart of gold.

I am blessed that she is my daughter.


Friday, February 20, 2015

{this moment} A Valentine Morning

{this moment} 
inspired by Amanda Blake Soule

A Friday ritual. Photos - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Namaste, Nicole 

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Our resident Robin had quite a few feathered friends  over at our holly tree this morning. We all went outside to see this reunion, it happened last Febrarury as well, and  I counted over a hundred of Robins. Within 30 minutes they were gone. There was not one single red berry left on the holly tree.  The party was over. It was a magical and even more so since Ella is doing a research project on American Robins.  

I can't lie, the days here seem to last forever. The cold and howling wind, and ice just suck. I know we can't have a Spring without a Winter, and I am trying to be hopeful, but I am not having an easy time of it.  I am going to ride it out with this new moon. 

Namaste, Nicole

Monday, February 2, 2015

St. Brigid Give Away! :: Create a Sacred Space with Lisa ::

In honor of Saint Brigid, and the promise of Spring, Lisa, from Celebrate the Rhythm of Life is offering a reader of Redbeet Mama a month long e-course called When Less is More :: Creating A Sacred Space. 

To enter for your chance to WIN go to my Facebook page here  and request to join and leave a comment.  

I love Lisa's ecourses, they have added so much goodness to my life over the past few years. I am looking forward to Creating a Sacred Space with her and would love my readers/friends to join us.  

A winner will be chosen on Goddess Wednesday February 4th at 3:00 PM. 

Lisa is a Goddess and a homeschooling, homemaking mama, early childhood educator, midwife, parenting group leader, editor, striving to protect the wonder of childhood and savor daily life through slow and simple living. She offers Celebrate the Rhythm of Life nursery and kindergarten program/curriculum for parents, teachers, and childcare providers striving to bring rhythm and a conscious and creative awareness to being with children, with a focused monthly topic and plenty of daily, weekly and seasonal enthusiastic support.   Lisa has a love for simple living, tending the hearth and hearts with home cooking, handmade, beauty and artistry in everyday life through simplicity. Lisa gentle guides us through her ecourses with her insightful questions and thought provoking wisdom. She is the Editor of  The Wonder of Childhood online monthly magazine and is currently on sabbatical from tending The Children's Garden, a nursery program for young children and their families. She has completed Simplicity Parenting Group Leader training and offers Simplicity Parenting Groups. She also serves on the Board of Directors of LifeWays North America and WECAN's Birth to 3 Task Force.  Lisa is a real gem and a wonderful guide for living a Waldorf life. 

Thank you Lisa for being who you are! 

Wishing you and yours a blessed Imbolc and a Sacred Space. 

xx, Nicole

Corner of My Home :: Imbolc Candle Making

In a corner of my home, I decided to melt some beeswax in honor of Imbolc and with the best intentions, I set out to create candles with my girls. I have been saving beeswax for over nine years, and I had a big bag full.  My sacred saved beeswax was from left over birthday candles and other celebrations. I was happy that it would be melted and provide us with warm light once again.  

Plans didn't go as expected. To see what happened, check out my photo on instagram and follow me.   

Spring is coming early and I am excited about that...with or without the candles. 

Namaste, Nicole

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Last of The 52 Weeks in Nature :: Winter Solstice

    Philadelphia in Winter 47/52 :: Winter Solstice

I fell short of five weeks in the 52 Weeks of Nature Challenge. 

But none of that matters when I realize that I went outside, mostly in my backyard and took photographs of nature 47 times! 

I was being challenged to tap into one of my passions. It gave me something to do outside, where I love to be. Playing with my camera, the girls somewhere in the yard off on their own. 

The photos above are the last shots of the 52 Week Nature Challenge.   I took them the night of our Winter Solstice Gathering. 

Creating the spiral was immensely enjoyable for me.  

I felt like I was planting a beautiful winter garden. 

I spent hours collecting the jars from friends and thrift stores,  spacing each jar just so,  and walking and and re-walking over and over again to make sure the paces were just right. 

It turned out to be a long contemplative walk. (and an extremely satisfying activity.) 

The girls joined in and added gold glitter, tea lights and helped to light all 144 of the jars several times. 

It felt good to be outside in the cold month of December. 

The night was perfect, calm and cold. Friends old and new gathered and celebrated the return of the sun. We sang carols around the fire,  roasted marsh mellows, walked the spiral and let ourselves be enchanted with the evening. 

I felt so blessed to be surrounded by such goodness.  It helped to fill a space that is usually empty this time of year. 

Spirits were lifted.

I look forward to creating a similar space for the Summer Solstice. 

xx, Nicole

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

52 Weeks Of Nature :: Freezing Time

Philadelphia in Winter  :: Freezing Time  47/52

  These photos captured how I felt at the time. It was week #46, in November, which is an infamous month for me where I go inside myself and I don't come out until closer to Spring. My way of hibernating. This time, I took with me a deep sadness of saying goodbye to my children's young childhood. No more rides around the block on our tricycles, or magical first walks through the snow, no more mittens, no more easy explanations to their questions. They are young kids now, they wear gloves and can put on their own snow boots. So, just as Winter is always cold here and like the promise of the change of the seasons, a new season of  Motherhood was bestowed upon me.   My little girls were now Big Girls.  I realized that I can no longer make everything better in my rocking chair. 

Since then, (November) I've had time to get aquatinted and warm up to this new season of motherhood and I rather like not being needed for every little thing. In fact, pour me another cup of tea, let's celebrate it.  I like my two self propelled Big Girls. 

I am still making my way through, but I feel better about it, and I am enjoying new things with them like celebrating Goddess Wednesday, making facial creams and body scrubs,  doing dishes and singing with the radio, watching The Goldberg's on TV, reading Harry Potter and making them fold the laundry. The fun never stops, just like time never freezes and motherhood changes just like the seasons. 

I no longer feel like Redbeet Mama in the sense that I ever felt like her. I wrote this blog because I was really loving my motherhood and I enjoyed sharing my love of it with others. I love feeling connected to a community that shares the same loves as I do. It is true what they say, "you are who you hang around with" and I want to thank all who have hung around,  sparked friendships and loved and supported me with kind words and presence.  I say let's continue to  go through Motherhood together! It is all about love and when we focus on love good things happen. 

Namaste, Nicole  

Sunday, November 16, 2014

52 Weeks of Nature :: A Dusting

              Philadelphia in Late Autumn  45/52  ~ A Dusting 

We woke up to a dusting of beautiful bright white snow one morning this past week. The contrast of the bright yellows and red leaves against the snow was a true marvel to look at.   

November always promises us with leaves falling, melancholy, and a bit of romance. Geir and I will be celebrating our 15 year anniversary this week.  

I've been quite sentimental, feeling still very much in love and loved. We are living the life that we've imagined. 

A bit later today, we'll take a ride to get a box of donuts and a part that we need for our clothes dryer. 

~ Namaste, Nicole